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Wellness MetaTerApps offer new wellness applications for cellphones, PC's, connected homes, connected coworking spaces, connected vehicles and connected entertainement spaces.


Each person in her/his environment - wherever - can rent a personal coded app in order to feel better in the space where she/he is : at home, in a car, bus, train, jet, at her/his working place, in a hotel,  concert hall, cinema, nightclub, etc.

Special Body & Mind Apps can reduce headache, digestive problems or any light health trouble.

Application Fields 


- iPhones and Smartphones

- PC

- Connected workspaces

- Connected traveling spaces : cars, trains, jets.

- Connected homes

- Connected Entertainment spaces : Cinemas, Theatres, Concert Halls, Nightclubs, etc.


Partnership Prospective


- LG

- Apple, Microsoft

- Acer, Hewlett Paccard

- Tesla Motors

- Bombardier

- Airbus

- Accor Hotels



If you are interested in a partnership or investment with our company, contact us here.

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