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As a quantum physicist and neurophysicist, I have been developping for thirty years a holistic healing method.


My holistic healing method is based on holistic osteopathy and new breakthroughs in Neuro-Sciences knowledge, especially the Holonomic Brain theory developped by Dr Karl H. Pribram (1919-2015) at Stanford University, the MBSR & MBST founded by Dr Jon Kabat Zin (1944-), the Super Brain & Quantum Body theories developped by Dr Deepak Chopra (1946-), the Cellular Biology breakthroughs of Matthieu Ricard (1946-) and the Reality Piloting theory developped by the russian mathematician Grigori Grabovoi (1963-). See Links


My holistic healing sessions dynamize the neuroplasticity of our brain, improve our cognitive capacities  and our relational intelligence, free the nocive cellular memories of our body and enhance our vital energy.

They provide sustainable wellness, acute awareness, inner strength and joy, revealing our natural power to pilot our reality.


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