A Nomadic Festival

"A World Tour in Eighty Days"


A World Tour in Eighty Days is a Nomadic Festival founded by Leo Verne.


The organisation of that Nomadic Festival is in process.


The concept of each Event is to gather during 3 hours or a whole day, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m., prestigious Musicians, Scientiste and Artists which perform at an international level.

Local young Musicians, Singers and Artists will be also invited to each Event.


The 3 hours Concerts or the whole day of Concerts is totally free of charge for the public.


The organisational concept is to offer the "best" to a very large public.

The 3 hours Event or the whole day long Event includes very diverse styles of Music in order to interest all kind of music lovers and to create an openhearted atmosphere, to share Music, Science and Arts as a festive way of rejoicing together and lighting up our human consciousness.


Different "Interludes" will propose short video interviews of fifteen minutes of Scientists and Philosophers offering relevant ways of thinking and living, specially relevant in order to learn all together to take care of our lives and give birth to the best solutions on our wonderful planet Earth.


As a purpose, just a few rejoicing words :

Our Humanity is in process of awakening... And Music, Science and Arts are a wonderful way of gathering people and opening our hearts.


If you are interested in co-organizing such an Event in your country, please contact Leo Verne by email : dlverne@gmail.com or by his Facebook Page : Leo Verne Ring : @DrLeoVerne.


First Event : 21th August 2018, in Saint Raphael, Côte d'Azur, France, in coorganization with Ville de Saint Raphaël.


Program :

20:00 Sacred Singing, Leo Verne

20:30 Leo Verne Orchestra, with Young Musicians from IESM, Aix en Provence

21:30 Yava Tukka, Tunisia

22:30 Nirali Kartik, India

23:30 Jho Dwild, violin, his Musician and DJ

 The following Events of this Nomadic Festival : "A World Tour in Eighty Days" are in process of co-organisation with differents cities in Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, Findland, India, Israël, Australia, Russia, Canada, United States, Brazil, etc.

Dr Leo Verne


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